Kosli Slack App #

Kosli Slack App allows you to configure and receive notifications about changes in your environments and query Kosli about your environments and artifacts without leaving Slack window.

Installation #

Visit https://slack.kosli.com to add Kosli Slack App to your Slack workspace.

Usage #

Now that Kosli Slack App is installed you can start using all /kosli commands in any channel.

At any time you can run /kosli help to see which commands are available.

The next step is connecting your Slack user with your Kosli user, use the command below to do that:

/kosli login

After that you may want to set up default Kosli organization, so you don't have to provide it every time you want to run /kosli commands from slack.
E.g. if the organization name is my-org:

/kosli config org my-org

In case of commands referring to snapshots you can specify snapshot(s) you're interested in multiple ways:

  • environmentName~N N'th behind the latest snapshot
  • environmentName#N snapshot number N
  • environmentName@{YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS} snapshot at specific moment in time in UTC
  • environmentName the latest snapshot

Example #

Here is an example of search command and the response:

/kosli search edb1a262

Kosli search slack message