Slack integration #

You can use slack webhook to receive notifications about changes in the status of your environments.

When one (or more) of your environments become non-compliant you'll get a notification in configured channel:

Slack non-compliant notification

You'll also get a notification if the status changes from non-compliant to compliant:

Slack compliant notification

Slack integration setup #

In order to receive the notifications you need to create a slack app:

When your app is created add Incoming Webhooks feature. Once you activate it you can Add new Webhook to chosen slack workspace, where you can select the channel to which the notifications will be sent.

When the webhook is ready you can copy Webhook URL, go to, and paste it to Slack Webhook field under Notifications tab in Settings page for your organization.

Slack webhook setting

Remember to click Save button. You can also check if it works by sending test notification, using the button under Webhook URL field.