k8s-reporter #

Version: 1.4.3

A Helm chart for installing the Kosli K8S reporter as a cronjob. The chart allows you to create a Kubernetes cronjob and all its necessary RBAC to report running images to Kosli at a given cron schedule.

Prerequisites #

  • A Kubernetes cluster (minimum supported version is v1.21)
  • Helm v3.0+
  • Create a secret for the Kosli API token which will be used for reporting. You can create a secret by running: kubectl create secret generic <secret-name> --from-literal=<secret-key>=<your-api-key>

Installing the chart #

To install this chart via the Helm chart repository:

helm repo add kosli https://charts.kosli.com/
helm repo update
helm install [RELEASE-NAME] kosli/k8s-reporter -f [VALUES-FILE-PATH]

Chart source can be found at https://github.com/kosli-dev/cli/tree/main/charts/k8s-reporter

Upgrading the chart #

helm upgrade [RELEASE-NAME] kosli/k8s-reporter

Uninstalling chart #

helm uninstall [RELEASE-NAME]

Configurations #

Key Type Default Description
cronSchedule string "*/5 * * * *" the cron schedule at which the reporter is triggered to report to Kosli
fullnameOverride string "" overrides the fullname used for the created k8s resources. It has higher precedence than nameOverride
image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" the kosli reporter image pull policy
image.repository string "ghcr.io/kosli-dev/cli" the kosli reporter image repository
image.tag string "v2.8.6" the kosli reporter image tag, overrides the image tag whose default is the chart appVersion.
kosliApiToken.secretKey string "key" the name of the key in the secret data which contains the Kosli API token
kosliApiToken.secretName string "kosli-api-token" the name of the secret containing the kosli API token
nameOverride string "" overrides the name used for the created k8s resources. If fullnameOverride is provided, it has higher precedence than this one
podAnnotations object {}
reporterConfig.dryRun bool false whether the dry run mode is enabled or not. In dry run mode, the reporter logs the reports to stdout and does not send them to kosli.
reporterConfig.kosliEnvironmentName string "" the name of Kosli environment that the k8s cluster/namespace correlates to
reporterConfig.kosliOrg string "" the name of the Kosli org
reporterConfig.namespaces string "" the namespaces which represent the environment. It is a comma separated list of namespace name regex patterns. e.g. ^prod$,^dev-* reports for the prod namespace and any namespace that starts with dev- leave this unset if you want to report what is running in the entire cluster
resources.limits.cpu string "100m" the cpu limit
resources.limits.memory string "256Mi" the memory limit
resources.requests.memory string "64Mi" the memory request
serviceAccount.annotations object {} annotations to add to the service account
serviceAccount.create bool true specifies whether a service account should be created
serviceAccount.name string "" the name of the service account to use. If not set and create is true, a name is generated using the fullname template

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