Part 4: Flows #

A Kosli Flow represents a business or software process that requires change tracking. It allows you to monitor changes across all steps within a process or focus specifically on a subset of critical steps.

In all the commands below we skip the required --api-token and --org flags for brevity. These can be set as described here.

Create a flow #

To create a Flow, you can run:

$ kosli create flow process-a --description "My SW delivery process" \

Flow template #

When creating a Flow, you can optionally provide a Flow Template. This template defines the necessary steps within the business or software process represented by a Kosli Flow. The compliance of Flow trails and artifacts will be assessed using the template.

A Flow template is a YAML file following the syntax outlined in the flow template spec.

Here is an example, sw-delivery-template.yml:

version: 1
  - name: jira-ticket
    type: jira
  - name: backend
    - name: unit-tests
      type: junit

Create a Flow with a template #

To create a Flow with a template, you can run:

$ kosli create flow process-a --description "My SW delivery process" \
 --template-file sw-delivery-template.yml

Update a Flow #

Rerunning the command with different description or template file will update the Flow.

See kosli create flow for more details.