kosli get environment #

Synopsis #

Get an environment's metadata.

kosli get environment ENVIRONMENT-NAME [flags]

Flags #

Flag Description
-h, --help help for environment
-o, --output string [defaulted] The format of the output. Valid formats are: [table, json]. (default "table")

Flags inherited from parent commands #

Flag Description
-a, --api-token string The Kosli API token.
-c, --config-file string [optional] The Kosli config file path. (default "kosli")
--debug [optional] Print debug logs to stdout. A boolean flag https://docs.kosli.com/faq/#boolean-flags (default false)
-H, --host string [defaulted] The Kosli endpoint. (default "https://app.kosli.com")
--http-proxy string [optional] The HTTP proxy URL including protocol and port number. e.g. 'http://proxy-server-ip:proxy-port'
-r, --max-api-retries int [defaulted] How many times should API calls be retried when the API host is not reachable. (default 3)
--org string The Kosli organization.

Live Example #

To view a live example of 'kosli get environment' you can run the commands below (for the cyber-dojo demo organization).
Run the commands below and view the output.
export KOSLI_ORG=cyber-dojo
export KOSLI_API_TOKEN=Pj_XT2deaVA6V1qrTlthuaWsmjVt4eaHQwqnwqjRO3A  # read-only
kosli get environment aws-prod --output=json