kosli snapshot path #

Synopsis #

Report a snapshot of artifacts running in specific filesystem paths to Kosli.
You can report a directory or file artifact. For reporting multiple artifacts in one go, use "kosli snapshot paths". You can exclude certain paths or patterns from the artifact fingerprint using --exclude. The supported glob pattern syntax is what is documented here: https://pkg.go.dev/path/filepath#Match , plus the ability to use recursive globs "**"

kosli snapshot path ENVIRONMENT-NAME [flags]

Flags #

Flag Description
-D, --dry-run [optional] Run in dry-run mode. When enabled, no data is sent to Kosli and the CLI exits with 0 exit code regardless of any errors.
-x, --exclude strings [optional] The comma-separated list of literal paths or glob patterns to exclude when fingerprinting the artifact.
-h, --help help for path
--name string The reported name of the artifact.
--path string The base path for the artifact to snapshot.

Flags inherited from parent commands #

Flag Description
-a, --api-token string The Kosli API token.
-c, --config-file string [optional] The Kosli config file path. (default "kosli")
--debug [optional] Print debug logs to stdout. A boolean flag https://docs.kosli.com/faq/#boolean-flags (default false)
-H, --host string [defaulted] The Kosli endpoint. (default "https://app.kosli.com")
--http-proxy string [optional] The HTTP proxy URL including protocol and port number. e.g. 'http://proxy-server-ip:proxy-port'
-r, --max-api-retries int [defaulted] How many times should API calls be retried when the API host is not reachable. (default 3)
--org string The Kosli organization.

Examples Use Cases #

report one artifact running in a specific path in a filesystem

kosli snapshot path yourEnvironmentName \
	--path path/to/your/artifact/dir/or/file \
	--name yourArtifactDisplayName \
	--api-token yourAPIToken \
	--org yourOrgName

report one artifact running in a specific path in a filesystem AND exclude certain path patterns

kosli snapshot path yourEnvironmentName \
	--path path/to/your/artifact/dir \
	--name yourArtifactDisplayName \
	--exclude **/log,unwanted.txt,path/**/output.txt
	--api-token yourAPIToken \
	--org yourOrgName