kosli config #

Synopsis #

Config global Kosli flags values and store them in $HOME/.kosli .

Flag values are determined in the following order (highest precedence first):

  • command line flags on each executed command.
  • environment variables.
  • custom config file provided with --config-file flag.
  • default config file in $HOME/.kosli

You can configure global Kosli flags (the ones that apply to all/most commands) using their dedicated convenience flags (e.g. --org).

API tokens are stored in the suitable credentials manager on your machine.

Other Kosli flags can be configured using the --set flag which takes a comma-separated list of key=value pairs. Keys correspond to the specific flag name, capitalized. For instance: --flow would be set using --set FLOW=value

kosli config [flags]

Flags #

Flag Description
-h, --help help for config
--set stringToString [optional] The key-value pairs to tag the resource with. The format is: key=value
--unset strings [optional] The list of tag keys to remove from the resource.

Flags inherited from parent commands #

Flag Description
-a, --api-token string The Kosli API token.
-c, --config-file string [optional] The Kosli config file path. (default "kosli")
--debug [optional] Print debug logs to stdout. A boolean flag https://docs.kosli.com/faq/#boolean-flags (default false)
-H, --host string [defaulted] The Kosli endpoint. (default "https://app.kosli.com")
--http-proxy string [optional] The HTTP proxy URL including protocol and port number. e.g. 'http://proxy-server-ip:proxy-port'
-r, --max-api-retries int [defaulted] How many times should API calls be retried when the API host is not reachable. (default 3)
--org string The Kosli organization.

Examples Use Cases #

configure global flags in your default config file

kosli config --org=yourOrg \
	--api-token=yourAPIToken \
	--host=https://app.kosli.com \
	--debug=false \
	--max-api-retries=3 \

configure non-global flags in your default config file

kosli config --set FLOW=yourFlowName

remove a key from the default config file

kosli config --unset FLOW