Kosli Audit trail #

Kosli Audit trail is a beta feature. Beta features provide early access to product functionality. These features may change between releases without warning, or can be removed from a future release. You can enable beta features by using the kosli enable beta command.

An audit trail is a system for automating collecting documentation for each step of a business process.

Note that all CLI command flags can be set as environment variables by adding the the KOSLI_ prefix and capitalizing them. In the command examples below both --api-token and --org flags were set from environment variables.

Audit trail #

For each business process you create a Kosli audit trail. When creating an audit trail you define a list of steps required for completing the process.

An example could be a bank which has a process for Large money transfer, with steps user-verification and risk-assessment

To create an audit trail for such a process you could run the following command:

kosli create audit-trail LargeMoneyTransfer --steps user-verification,risk-assessment

Workflow #

A workflow is a single run of a business process. For example for Large money transfer we would report a new workflow every time a new transfer attempt occurs. To distinguish the different workflows we rely on unique IDs. ID can be anything you use to identify processes in your system.

To report a workflow for such the Large money transfer you could run the following command:

kosli report workflow --audit-trail LargeMoneyTransfer --id lmf-56

Evidence #

For each step in a process you can report evidence of failed or successful steps, and upload evidence files if needed.

To report the execution of the user-verification for such the Large money transfer you could run the following command:

kosli report evidence workflow --audit-trail LargeMoneyTransfer --id lmf-56 --step user-verification