Organizations #

Organization in Kosli owns Kosli pipelines and environments - which means only members of the organization can get access to them. By default, when you sign up to Kosli, a personal organization is created for you and the name of the organization matches your user name. Only you can access your personal organization.

You can also create shared organizations, and invite other Kosli users as members, so they can see and report to your Kosli pipelines and environments.

Shared organization #

To create a shared organization click on your profile picture (or avatar) in the top right corner of and select "Add an organization". You'd be asked to provide the name and the description of your organization. After you click "Create Organization" button the new organization is ready. After the page reloads you'll see the "Settings" page for the new organization.

You can switch between organizations using dropdown menu in the top left corner of the page, under Kosli logo.

Shared organization members #

To add users to your shared organization make sure you have the right organization selected from the dropdown menu and click "Settings". Here you can add users: click on "Add member" button, provide a github username of the user you'd like to share organization with, and select desired role:

  • member can create Kosli pipelines and environments, report to and read from them
  • admin can do the same things member can plus they can also add and remove users from the organization