Prerequisites #

To follow the "Getting Started" guide you'll need to set up a few things:

  1. Kosli account
  2. GitHub repository where you'll store your code (you can fork our demo repository)
  3. Your own k8s cluster where you'll deploy your application
  4. account

GitHub #

If you want to use our workflow examples, there are a few things you need to configure in your GitHub repository - you can fork the github-k8s-demo repository , create your own from scratch, or use an already existing project.

Workflows in github-k8s-demo repository are the complete version of the workflows we're developing in this guide.

In our example we use Google Cloud to host k8s cluster and we rely on google-github-actions/get-gke-credentials action to authenticate to GKE cluster via a kubeconfig file. If you're hosting your k8s cluster elsewhere you need to use a different action.

Secrets #

Create the following Actions Secrets in your repository on GitHub:

  • KOSLI_API_TOKEN - you can find the Kosli API Token under your profile at (click on your avatar in the right top corner of the window and select 'Profile')
  • GCP_K8S_CREDENTIALS - service account credentials (.json file), with k8s access permissions
  • DOCKERHUB_TOKEN - your DockerHub Access Token (you can create one at, under Account Settings > Security)

Once these are in place you're ready to go!